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The Apple iPhone 5c is, in Apple’s words, unapologetically plastic – it has a fun, vibrant feel to it that is backed up by the steel-reinforced case to give a very solid phone with impressive specifications. Released at the same time as the iPhone 5s and available in 2 memory sizes, 16 and 32GB, the iPhone 5c features a better, faster camera than the previous iPhone 5, the updated iOS7 operating system and ultra-fast WiFi. What are the main differences? The 5c doesn’t have Touch ID fingerprint recognition and the processor is A6 rather than A7 on the 5s – aside from that and a couple of differences in camera spec the phones are similar.

The iSight camera on the 5c is 8 megapixel with a long list of features, the new one being a 15% larger sensor to let in more light. There’s also an HD FaceTime camera with HD video recording and, like the main camera, a backside illumination sensor. Of course the apps available in the iTunes Store add to the phone immensely and many good ones come pre-installed or are free to download from the store, including Newsstand, Games Centre, Voice Memos and Passbook. The emphasis is on bright colours with the 5c – there is no black version, instead you have the choice of green, blue, yellow, pink and white – and there is a range of cases available too.

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